Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Extractor hood ...

The extractor hood along with the kitchen is one of the appliances should have a more regular cleaning and maintenance. If not cleaned at least once a month the filters or the inner walls of the hood, in the case that, by accident, we pledge the oil in a paella, or flambee some food, stored fat can ignite and cause a fire.

The filters can be washed in a dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, place them in the sink and sprinkle with vinegar. Let them a few minutes for this act and then clean them with hot water with a little washing up liquid. Rinse and let dry completely. Without the filters in place, clean the inside of the hood, light board, if it has the bulb clean it too. Let dry completely before refitting to the filters. Once in place, check that they are snug so it does not sag while cooking.

Clean the outside of the hood once a week with hot water and a little dish with a microfiber cloth.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Put order in the closet, mission impossible? V


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Handbags are an important complement to our look, and sometimes we don't give due importance, because we store them piled on top of each other, creating wrinkles and reducing their lifetime. 
There are different types of organizers that you can buy to keep them neatly. 

Another option is to purchase a good piece of a durable fabric such as canvas, cut it into two strips, one more or less the length of the closet door, and sew another strip to the other, creating pockets with size of your bags. Once finished hang it on the closet door inward. 
Those most delicate handbags is desirable that keep them within the dust with which they are sold. 

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Once you 've seen that there are ways to organize your closet , some final tips: 
  • Do not to use the closet to store other items such as makeup, perfumes, etc. Besides that by mistake can get to spot some clothes, clothes better retain the less open and close the cabinet. 
  • Garments you less wear can place in the top or above the closet, in boxes suitable for that purpose or even bags. 
  • Remember, in the closet less is more , do not let clothes you do not use, and clean periodically accumulate. This will make it a habit to keep your wardrobe in good condition, and your clothes will thank you. 
  • If your closet is kind of dressing room, no doors, I advise you to put some screens, for sliding doors. They protect your clothes from light and dust and also be given a more orderly appearance to your room .
  • Today are very popular japanese style panels . You can buy different types of panels or canvases that match the decor of your room.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Put order in the closet, mission impossible? IV

Footwear is not very convenient to share space into your closet near your clothes, unless they are very careful and clean up the soles every time we get in the street, can get to the closet and dust soiling other clothes. However, unless you have more space, it is best to keep it in boxes, preferably with the couple's photo pasted contents of each box, and remember to tell them apart, or in clear plastic boxes that allow view content. Another idea is that the original shoebox will cut a window and hit him like a plastic used for covering books. If you have a shoe cabinet at the entrance of your house, keep the shoes you use most in it and in the wardrobe what are for special occasions.

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For belts, ties and scarves is best to purchase any type of suitable perch for them. Thus are visible and not damaged .
Alternatively, with a little skill, make one, you just need to use an old hanger, which you'll set plastic bracelets joined together, as many as accesories you need to hang on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Put order in the closet, mission impossible? III

Sweaters and T-shirts
For sweaters and shirts, it's the best to fold on top of each other and place them on shelves. One suggestion is to remove the tabs that hold the shelves of the cabinet and replace guides, which will become a shelf in a removable tray, providing you the choice of garment you want. Another idea is to get some practice decorated box that fits in the extent of the shelf , which turn it into a drawer. This is highly recommended for light-colored clothing , which should be covered , so you do not empolven. We suggest folding clothes in no more than three folds, so that there are very marked and not bulge too.

It's more suitable to keep underwear and socks in drawers, dividing the inside of the drawers with a set of tablets, acquiring an organizer or if you're a handyman doing some practical organizers of cloth, with dimensions that fit your needs.
The lingerie is best bend to form a square. For bras, put the suspenders into the cups and socks  is better for each pair to put one above the other and fold the heel. It is not advisable to put one inside the other, as this practice makes the elastic deforms very soon.
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